Feb 062014

Eric Drexler’s blog http://metamodern.com/

Feb 062014

I originally saw this video many years back and it inspired my imagination. I have looked for it repeatedly over the years since first viewing it and have ne…

Feb 062014

Researchers in Austria have set a new world speed record for the fastest 3D-printed nano-objects. The team from the Vienna University of Technology has been …

Oct 262014

The Cube® Home 3D Printer (2nd Generation, Blue)

The Cube® Home 3D Printer (2nd Generation, Blue)

  • A quality product by 3D SYSTEMS INC

3D Printers, 3D Systems, Inc., Cube Printer 2nd Gen Blue, 385000

List Price: $ 1,299.00

Price: $ 1,299.00

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